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 Tools Required.

                             A.)  Dremel grinding tool or equivalent for deburring                           F.)  .022 drill bit

                             B.)  Flat nose tweezers for holding tiny nuts and bolts                         G.)  Micro drill to hold .022 drill bit

                             C.)  Flat nose pliers for tightening nuts and bolts

                             D.)  Magnification (not handheld) Head band type preferred

                             E.)  Well lit working area


                             1.  First deburr the transformer housing and the transformer lid.  Remove with a grinding tool what is left of the sprue from the casting process.  

                             2.  If you prefer you can polish the housing on a buffer of some type with a fiber wheel.  This takes out the imperfections in the housing.  Be careful to not buff down 

                                  any of the details on the housing.  It will not be necessay to buff the lid.

                             3.  Next paint the two parts with a primer paint.  I use a self etching type of primer from Home Depot or any auto parts store will do.  I use the gray colored primer.

                                  At this point I also paint the two insulators and the two terminals with the same gray primer.

                             4.  Paint the transformer housing and the lid with a glossy gray paint from Home Depot or Lowe's.  Look for a gray that is close to a gray color that you see real life transformers.

                                  In some circles it is called a ( Utility Gray).

                             5.  I would let the paint dry for 24 hrs at least before starting your assembly.

                             6.  Now it is time to insert the tiny .5mm bolts into the terminals that are on the sprue.  It is better to do this now while on the sprue.  Using your flat nose tweezers pick up one of the bolts a

                                  and insert into one of the terminals.  Now pickup one of the .5mm nuts laying flat on a surface.  It is important to pick these nuts up while they lay flat and not on their side.  Holding the 

                                  sprue in your left hand (if you are right handed) and holding the tweezers in your right hand bring the two parts together.  You can actually feel the nut on the end of the bolt when it fits 

                                  into place.  Start to turn the tweezers and the nut will thread onto the bolt just like normal nuts and bolts do.  Magnification is preferred for this step.  A little practice will go a long way.

                             6.  Now you can cut the terminals from the sprue and test fit them as the next step describes.

                             7.  After the terminals have been test fit into the housing (as described in the next step) place the tiny washers onto the stem of the terminals before you install them into the housing.

                             8  Next test fit the tiny terminals into the top two holes of the four holes in the transformer housing.  Test fit the two insulators for fit into the transformer lid. Be very careful with these parts

                                  when handling for they are delicate.  If they are to tight then ream out their respective holes using drill bits or grinding bits from a Dremel type grinder.

                             9  Once the parts fit in place, secure the insulators in the lid and the terminals into the holes of the transformer housing. A drop of super glue on the inside of each of these parts will be 

                                  sufficient. Let dry for 24 hours.

                           10.  The two .6mm nuts and bolts are used to mount the transformer to the utility pole.  Using a .022 drill bit drill two holes in the pole.  Push the bolts through the holes and start the nuts 

                                  onto the bolts but leave loose.  Do not tighten yet. Once both bolts are in place then place the backside of the transformer using the two cast in place mounting brackets with the V's 

                                  coming down onto the bolt heads until they won't slide down anymore.  At this point, hold in place and tighten the nuts down using the flat nose pliers.  This will secure the transformer to 

                                  to the pole.





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