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About Our Products

  I wanted to give an overview of what AAT products are about for those of you I haven't talked to or met.  As a fellow hobbyist I was frustrated by the lack of certain products in the hobby when I first was building my layout. Certain items weren't available or were more toy in appearance than "O" scale and I was amazed that I couldn't find what I was looking for.  So eventually I decided to build what I couldn't find and a working Adlake Switch Stand was the first product I really wanted on my layout to complete my trackwork. It just seemed naked without those glowing red and green lights.

   It was kind of like building a house and I had the foundation poured but I couldn't go much further because I couldn't find the building materials I needed.  So all of the products that you see on this website started out from my desire to find products that didn't exist or were more scale in appearance or function and could be installed above board. I hate crawling under layouts just like I hate crawling underneath a house. So I decided that all of my products would be above board when it came to installation which also makes building a layout a more enjoyable experience.  

  I look at  my layout just like I see the real world. And I see the world with a lot of wires, lights and signs. That is what makes your layout come alive.  So a Power Distribution and Lighting System that is above board and routed through power lines to customers along the route was a necessity.   That is where Utility Poles, Light Poles and Power Substations come into play and that is why I started building these products to work in conjuction with each other.  When all the products in this distribution system are completed then your layout wil be a working model of the real thing and it will come alive.   

  This same concept holds true for the Lighting System that will be powered by this Power Distribution System. Wires  connect from the Utility Poles down through the Power Line Transformer, which will house a potentiometer to control the light brightness, through the Weatherhead and Utility Meter into the building just as real world sytems work. 

  I am developing a system of LED lighting that will allow you to place individual lights in a building without having to cut holes in your layout and crawl underneath to solder and pull wires to your power source.  LED lights will be placed in locations that will allow you to lower your building down over the lights just where you want them. All of this will be done above board on your layout. As your layout starts to come alive, you'll enjoy it more and more.

  I have many more products that fall under this concept and hopefully you will start to see more of them in the near future so bookmark my website and stay in touch.  Thanks for your interest in our product line.


Our efforts to achieve the highest quality in our products is our main focus. We strive in our production to use metal parts where possible to achieve strength in the final product as well as a more finished look when parts are painted. We use stainless steel and brass or bronze parts throughout our assemblies. We also use real wood in our utility poles and future products that are coming.


Being a new company and just starting our production phase we are searching continually for the best price on our parts. We may be a little higher than other similar products but we are not buying high quantities of parts at this time and to achieve the quality that we want in our products we are not sacrificing on the types of materials that we are using. As we move forward and sales increase then the quantities of parts we will be buying will be higher and the savings we achieve through buying higher quantities will be passed along to our customers. Economy of scale in buying parts and materials will then be the norm in our purchasing requirements.


All Aboard Trains is family-owned and operated right here in Madison, AL. Since our company opened its doors in 2011 we’ve treated every customer like they were a part of our family. Other companies may offer similar services but we only sell American made products. We believe in the American ideal. And at this point in time when American jobs are so important we try to offer jobs as our company grows instead of buying and manufacturing off shore. Be a part of our family as we grow and offer more products to help you create a more realistic layout for your pleasure.


We are always willing to help provide any level of support that is needed to help our clients.  You can always contact us at for any help needed.

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