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If you have an idea for a new product or would like to have an existing product manufactured then All Aboard Trains is going to start offering some services that will help you in your endeavor. The following services with the applicable rates are as follows:

 CAD (Computer Aided Design) drawing services. Different file extensions will be offered depending upon your need.  Services will be offered at $35.00 per hour.  This service is not a service that will require hours of design work.  Our CAD engineering department has the capability to turn out designs and drawings in a very reasonable amount of time thus saving you in the overall cost of your project.

Electronic Design Engineering Service.  This service is being offered at $25.00 per hour.  Our engineers have years of design experience in electronic design and developing bills of materials for efficient manufacturing of your project. 

Mechanical Design Service.  We offer this service at $25.00 per hour.  We have the ability to design parts for metal fabrication in any format that you need. This can also be combined with our CNC Programming Service to quickly get your new design off of the drawing board. 

CNC Programming Service.  This service is offered at $25.00 per hour.  If you have designs that need to be manufactured or if you just need a prototype that can be produced on a CNC machine then we are here to help with a fast turn around time.

3D Printing Service.  We can help you with your first prototype.  If you need to hold it in your hand then we can produce it in a number of different materials such as brass, stainless steel and a myriad of other metals and plastics.  Price will be determined by the size of the prototype and the material that is chosen.

Contract Manufacturing Service.  If you have a mature design that needs to be manufactured then we can help. Price of course will be determined by the complexity of the design and the operations that need to be performed.

Material Acquisition, Planning, Various Manufacturing Operations from PC board loading to final assembly and testing are some of the services that can be supplied. 

Our overall price will be very competitive and all work will be done here in the United States. 





All Aboard Trains is family-owned and operated right here in Madison, AL. Since our company opened its doors in 2011 we’ve treated every customer like they were a part of our family. Other companies may offer similar services but we only sell American made products. We believe in the American ideal. And at this point in time when American jobs are so important we try to offer jobs as our company grows instead of buying and manufacturing off shore. Be a part of our family as we grow and offer more products to help you create a more realistic layout for your pleasure.


We are always willing to help provide any level of support that is needed to help our clients.  You can always contact us at for any help needed.

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