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Utility Meter Kit Assembly Instructions   UMK101

To help in the assembly of the Utility Meter Box and the Weatherhead Assembly I am passing along a few tips to aid in the assembly. 

Trial fit the brass tube to the meter box and weatherhead before you solder or glue these parts together.  Make sure the tube goes into the hole for the tube and not the weatherhead insert. The insert goes into the hole with the indention. Once you are satisfied with the fit then solder or glue the parts together.  Once complete, then paint the parts. The meter box should be painted a utility gray color and the weatherhead and tube which simulates conduit should be painted a silver color similar to galvanized metal. 

The weatherhead insert is a 3D printed part and care needs to be taken not to break it during the assembly process.  Because it is a 3D printed part leaving it in the sun for a few hours will actually help the part to cure more which will strengthen it.

When assembling the insert into the weatherhead make sure you put it in the hole that has the indention that accepts it.  The other hole is for the brass tube that connects to the Meter Box. The small hole at the end of the insert goes down and is sandwiched between the two holes of the weatherhead.  The .6mm brass bolt then is threaded into these holes to hold the insert in place.  The .6mm brass nut can then be threaded onto the bolt.

A product that I use for creating clear lenses is called Gallery Glass.  The color Crystal Clear product 161001 is what I use for the clear lense on the Meter Box. One drop into the hole of the Meter box will create a nice clear lense.  You can find this product at Michael's or online at ebay.  

Note:  If you decide to use the utility poles to route power to your buildings and accessories and also using the weatherhead and meter box to bring power into your buildings then you can drill a small hole in the back of the meter box to allow the wire coming down from the weatherhead  to be routed through the meter box into your building.  You may want to route the wires through the weatherhead and meter box before you glue them together.  If you are wiring in this manner then I suggest that you glue instead of solder to keep from melting the insulation on the wire and shorting to the brass parts.   Normally wiring in this manner is done through the utility pole transformer and then through the weatherhead and meter box but it is your layout and you can do what you want in this area.  You can come straight down from the utility pole to the building if you are not using a transformer.  It is not protypically correct but depending on where your buildings are located it may not be visually apparent.  Whatever you decide I hope you have fun with these accessories.  




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