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telephonepoledwgUtility Pole Assembly Instructions


All part numbers are from the Micro-Mark catalog

When assembling the “O” scale utility pole kit the following tools are necessary for a quick build:

  1. Hobby saw with fine teeth (Atlas snap saw)
  2. Drill bit for making the  .6mm bolt holes (.022)
  3. Drill bit for making cross arm insulators holes (.038)
  4. Pin vise drill 60348 or Ultra Tech power screwdriver
  5. Tweezers 60904
  6. Pliers flat nose or pliers set 80974
  7. Flat miniature file
  8. Miniature Drill set 82416
  1. Using the hobby saw cut gap for cross-arm in pole
  2. Drill 2 (.022) holes for .6mm bolts holding cross-arm and brace per drawing
  3. Drill 3 (.022) holes in cross-arm spaced per drawing
  4. Drill 2 (.038) holes on top of cross-arm ends for insulators per drawing
  5. Mount cross arm using 1 of the .6mm bolts and nut
  6. Mount stainless steel brace using 1 of the .6mm bolts in the center hole and 1 of the nuts (do not tighten)
  7. Using 2 of the .6mm bolts thread bolts through the outer 2 holes of the crossarm and brace use your tweezers to hold the nuts as you gently screw them onto the bolts
  8. Push insulators from the top into predrilled holes on top of the cross arm.
  9. Press your fingers on top of the bolt heads and tighten nuts on the backside of the pole and cross arm using flat nose pliers. The crossarm will tighten up nicely with hardly any movement.
  10. Paint insulators green or blue using a magic marker or paint or use a product called Gallery Glass #16008 Kelly Green

Note:  When putting the nuts onto the bolts. Here is what I do and it seems to be very consistent. Place the nut flat down on a surface. Be sure to have an apron or cloth in your lap for catching any of these small parts when you are working with them.  With the nut laying flat open your tweezers and go straight down onto the nut. Now apply pressure to the bolt head with your finger and hold the nut with the tweezers onto the threaded end of the bolt.  With a little practice you can put the nut right onto the threaded bolt by turning the tweezers with your right hand. It will go right on if it is threaded correctly and not cross threaded.  Do not force the nut onto the bolt.

Note:  Utility companies were notorious for using all kinds of different crossarm assemblies with

unused holes and bolts  Braces were in front and behind the crossarm. So there was a general pattern to the assemblies but not always the same.

Suggestion:  I would highly recommend using some form of magnification when first assembling the nuts and bolts.  Once you have done a few you may be able to do without but on your first attempts it will definitely make it easier to see what you are actually trying to do. 


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