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LED DC/AC Wiring Harness for

DC/AC Wiring Harness for EMD "F" Series Diesels
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LED DC/AC Wiring Harness for EMD "F" Series Diesels.  This wiring harness consists of a circuit card assembly (CCA) with 11 different LED lights. The circuit card turns off the headlight when the train is in reverse (directional lighting)and also contains a constant lighting circuit to keep the LED's on even if there is a glitch in the power source. Due to the large capacitors used on the circuit card when the diesel is turned off the LED's stay on for a couple of minutes.  It is a neat effect with the train power off and the LED's still on. It is easy to do this with a DCC decoder but not with DC powered trains so this wiring harness gives you that capability.   The LED's selected were the closest in scale lighting that would give that warm glow of incandescent lighting. Each LED has a preselected load resistor soldered in line to give the appropriate scale lighting effect.  The resistors can be changed to either increase or decrease the amount of light to be given off. This harness is designed to work with AC engines also.  Lionel, Williams, etc. Bring those old 3 rail engines up to date with this one of a kind harness.

The lights on the harness consist of the following.

                                               1. Flashing Mars lights - 2 ea.

                                               2. Headlight - 1 ea.

                                               3. Class lights - 2 ea.

                                               4. Number boards - 2ea.

                                               5.  Ditch lights - 2 ea.

                                               6.  Inside lights - 2 ea.



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