EMD GP-9 DCC Wiring Harness


This 17 LED Wiring Harness is designed for any EMD GP-9 diesel.  With a specially designed holder for the LED's the harness can be installed by gluing the holder with the LED's inplace inside to each end of the shell.  The LED's have the correct spacing to fit behind the already installed lenses (Red Caboose GP-9) and light pipes and provide lighting for the appropriate function. The Ditch lights are mounted separately as are the over head lights.

 The appropriate resistor values are soldered in line to give scale lighting for the various applications throughout the diesel  There are 2 each LED's for the main headlight, 1 LED for the 2nd headlight, 2 LED's for class lights, 2 LED's for the number boards on each end of the diesel and 2 LED's for ditch lights and 1 LED for the overhead lights inside the diesel body. The lights are labeled to help in your installation of the harness.  Only two wires need to be installed to your decoder board.


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