EMD GP-9 DC Wiring Harness

17 LED light wiring harness with circuit card for the EMD "F"series diesel

This wiring harness consists of 17 LED lights prewired with the appropriate resistor values soldered in place to give scale lighting for the various applications throughout the diesel.  7 LED's are mounted in a specially designed holder that glues in place right behind the installed lenses ( Red Caboose GP-9) on each end of the diesel.  There are 2 each LED's for the main headlight, 1 LED for the 2nd headlight, 2 LED's for class lights, 2 LED's for the number boards. The overhead LED and 2 LED's are wired for the ditch lights that are mounted separately.   There is a circuit card assembly (CCA) that controls the direction of the lighting and keeps a constant voltage to the LED's under any condition.  When the train is stopped the lights continue to stay on for 2-3 minutes without any power due to the large capacitors on the board holding charge.  This is a neat effect when the train is stopped with all of the lights still on.  Very protypical.  It is easy to do this with a DCC controlled train but this is the only way to do it with a DC controlled train. The lights are labeled to help in your installation.  Only two wires (+) and (-) need to be soldered to the same terminals for your motor or motors.


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