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Atlas “F” Series DCC LED Wiring Harness
All Aboard Trains

This new O Scale wiring harness can be used with any DCC board. You have to decide which of the “Accessory outputs” to solder your LED’s to. Your DCC board description tells you which lights are controlled by the different “ACC” outputs.
This harness was designed for the older Atlas "F" series diesels but can be used on any EMD “F”series diesels including any “E” series with the addition of some wire lengths for the over head lights. You will probably combine some of the LED’s together before you solder the wires to the board. This is because some road names had a different procedure for how they ran their passenger and freight trains and what lights were lit to signal what type of train was coming down the tracks. Rule 17 for example. Most of the time you will be able to run your headlights on ACC 1 and the secondary lights on ACC 2. There are usually around 6 or 7 different lighting effects that can be programmed on each of these two outputs.
This harness includes 11 different LED lights that can be mounted in the housing. There are 2 LED’s in the Mars light and 1 LED for the single headlight below the Mars light, 2 ditch lights, 2 overhead lights, 2 classification lights and 2 number board lights. The LED's are soldered to the harness with an appropriate amount of magnet wire to mount the lights in the shell. They are also tagged to help you identify the appropriate lights. The individual lights have specific resistor values soldered to the lights to give a scale illumination for the area to be lighted. (Different resistors can be soldered in place to increase or decrease the lighting according to your desired effect.)
With a soldering iron and a hot glue gun the harness can be installed in approximately 30 minutes. The Mars light and headlight are made to install into the lenses that came with the old Atlas F9 housing. Just hot glue them into the lenses from the back side. Drill out the classification lights on the shell before you install the class lights. The LED’s are tapered and you can sand the ends to get a more rounded shape before you install them. It is up to you to decide how much of the LED you want protruding through the drilled out opening. The LED’s can be laid on their side for the number boards and you can decide whether to lay them at the end or the middle of the number boards. With a small glue gun you can easily glue the LED’s in place and the glue dries rather quickly so you can keep moving with the installation.
This is the wiring harness you need to bring older trains up to a more detailed appearance. There is more lighting on this harness than is supplied on even some of the newer models. With the combination of a DCC board and this wiring harness your older diesels can be more realistic than even some of the brass models that are on the market now.


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